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Peter Gabriel & Sting Rock Paper Scissors Tour 2016
The Musical Box live 2016
hackett tour 2016 Acolyte to Wolflight

PHIL COLLINS Take A Look At me Now 2015

PHIL COLLINS and Warner Music launch re-issues campaign

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30.01.16: Happy Birthday, Phil Collins! (65 today)
Phil Collins turns 65 - reason enough to take a closer look at what might come ... » read more...

23.01.16: Tony Banks: Re-issues of first two solo albums
Tony Banks' first two solo albums, A Curious Feeling and The Fugitive, will be rereleased next month with extra content. » read more...

19.01.16: Peter Gabriel: North American tour with Sting?
That is a surprise: Peter Gabriel and Sting join forces and will be touring together North America soon. » read more...

18.01.16: Daryl Stuermer: Two new albums in 2016
Two announced album (Genesis music and another cover versions project) by Daryl Stuermer are due for release this year. » read more...

10.01.16: Anthony Phillips: 4-Disc Reissue (Wise After The Event)
Esoteric continues the series of rereleases of Anthony Phillips albums with a 4-Disc-Boxset of Wise After The Event. » read more...

09.01.16: The Mute Gods debut album to be released this month
The new band project by Nick Beggs and Roger King, The Mute Gods, will release its first album later this month. » read more...

09.12.15: Phil Collins: FRIDA's first solo album reissued
FRIDA's 1982 Something's Going On-album including a Making Of video with Phil Collins & Band has been re-issued to celebrate Frida's 70th birthday! » read more...

12.11.15: Peter Gabriel: Plans for live shows in 2016?
In a recent interview in Canada, Tony Levin indicated that Peter Gabriel live shows in 2016 are possible. » read more...

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